A Christian’s Life in God’s Word: Life Now and Life Forever

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend each day in various activities? For some of us older Christians it seems that we spend exceedingly much more time just doing the basic things of life. Everything seems to take so much longer to do than when we were young. Getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day is no longer a 15 to 20 minute endeavor. And then comes the pills, the creams, the lack of energy that has us moving at a snail’s pace; and this before we even take our first sip of coffee in the morning. Time seems to fly by the older you get. And then when you look back on your day you say to yourself, “Is that all I accomplished?”

Things are a little different for the younger Christians. Life seems to zip along at a fast and furious pace. The great difference for our young people of today when it comes to how time is spent, it seems to be controlled by the technology of our wireless culture. Tweeting, face-booking, and texting, as well as all the other important things they have to accomplish on their electronic devices consumes the time and in many cases lives of our young people. Many of us who are older do not understand this new way of life in which our young men and women are living. With instant access to news (fake or otherwise), entertainment at your fingertips, attention-demanding sites on the internet that draw young people into specific interests, there is not much time for what some of us older folks grew up with, true relational conversations with flesh and blood people. Many of our young people are growing up making relationships with images on little and bigger screens and off the cuff, say-what-you-feel-at-the-moment type of conversations. I’m not saying that our young people are never deep thinkers, but much of that thinking and conversation is based on the immediate context of what they are instantaneously seeing and hearing on their devices.

There needs to be a foundation set in all of us to cope with this in your face kind of world in which we live. Most certainly for our younger brethren and for us all we need to step back and take time “to smell the roses,” following the wisdom of an earlier age. Looking to the past practices and wisdom of the Christians who came before us can help our youth and all of us in the family of God to face the current culture in which we live and use our time in a God-pleasing way. We all are called by God to live lives witnessing to the “hope” that we have in ourselves through Christ Jesus. He will always be the foundation of life in an ever-changing world. For us and the younger generation to take time to admire and be filled with the fragrance of life in God’s Holy Word is time well spent. For both young and old it is advantageous to set down our smart phones, our smart pads, to step away from our HD flat screen TV’s, and all the other time-consuming activities that are eating up our lives and leaving us no time to get close to God. In the previous months I encouraged you to begin a habit of prayer. Now I urge you, whether you are young or old and mature, to take time to read and deeply meditate, that is, as we say in the Prayer for the Word, “inwardly digest” God’s living and abiding Word. For many of us this will mean that we have to change some old habits concerning our regular time consumption and start some new habits. And I will promise you that as you develop this new habit of spending time in the Word of God you will see the transformative power of the Word, as you receive it all in faith, at work in your daily life.

We call the Word of God living. This life found in the Word can only move from the Word to you and me by faith, faith that what God says here He means, and He always means it for the good of His children as well as the good of all the world whether believing or unbelieving. It truly has the power to give life as it draws us into a living, daily relationship with our Savior Jesus. It has the power to transform our lives, consumed so often each day by the god of this age who is demanding more and more of our time and daily effort, into lives in which the Spirit of God lives, causing us to be His transformative agents in this needy for true faith in the true God world. God’s Word, regularly and ideally, daily consumed in faith will not only fill you with the hope that fills with an eternal wisdom for you, but will let your daily life shine with the hope in Jesus on other lives around you. Be in the Word and the Word will be in you to give you daily life.



Family in the Word

Parents with children still in the house and Parents to be…

Plan on attending the Family in the Word study led by Pastor Sajban on the 4th Sunday of the month for the months September to May. That is 9 months of Sunday morning studies that will last about an hour each time. You have a rich and rewarding Godly responsibility to train up your children in Godly wisdom and this will be a time to study God’s Word especially as it has to teach us heavenly Truths in the face of worldly ignorance and sin-tainted wisdom. Our new class will be the 4th Sunday of each month (unless postponed because of weather) from 10:20 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. – 1 hour/month. We will begin by studying what God’s Word teaches about sexual   morality and purity. If you would like to get more     prepared for this time together I would like to suggest you purchase the book, “Sexual Morality in a Christless World,” by Rev. Matthew Rueger. Pastor Rueger has had the opportunity to lecture on sexual ethics according to God’s Word at Iowa State University. This book is available through Concordia Publishing House and you will be given the opportunity this summer to order it through the church office. Watch for the sign-up sheet in the narthex of the church.

During this class time you will be given an opportunity to be drawn back into God’s order of things, even as our world is heading into more and more God-less disorder. Your children are growing up in this and we each need to be vigilant in bringing up our children in the way they should go using God’s holy wisdom found in the Holy Bible. Starting and continuing in daily family devotions as habit will also be the aim of this class. There will be time for     questions, sharing and discussion on topics important to the faith training of our children. There will also be opportunity to choose topics for discussion according to what you as parents see as the greatest need in training up your children in God’s Truths.

Watch for more information concerning this class in the Sunday bulletin.


KFC/LYF Youth of The Lutheran Church of Our Savior…

Make sure you reply to the deadline for our yearly trip to Trego by June 10. Each attendee will be charged   $60.00 for the 3 ½ day trip that leaves on July 15. This fee includes housing, food, transportation to Trego. Not included are the tubing trip down the river and any fees for disc golf or other activities at camp or snacks and stuff you wish to purchase in the camp store. Youth funds collected from fundraisers will make up the difference in actual costs. Be       prepared to help with a cookout fundraiser in June to help with these expenses. Details for this fundraiser are not firm yet, but parents and children who will be attending are expected to help. We will also have some young people from Brewster joining in on our fundraising efforts. Any extra money over and above trip expenses will be set aside for updating our youth room on the third floor of the education wing. There will be an opportunity to help finish some of the work to re-make and renew the Youth Room over these summer months. Please help out when you can.   Because of the busyness that occurred through the month of May we will have to schedule a Youth Lock-in at another date during the summer.


All the members of The Lutheran Church of Our Savior…

Watch for more details for the rescheduled Rural/Small Town Mission Conference that has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 11. This conference is for all members of the Church and will be presented by the director of our Synodical Mission agency, Rev. Todd Kollbaum. He is eager to share with us ways in which we can bring the Gospel to more and more people in our rural areas. Plan on attending this one day event.

Our congregation will also host the Vine and Branches Conference this year on Saturday, October 6. This one day conference will host speakers who will be speaking on the topic of sexual purity and truth in a world that has lost its center in God’s standards and truth. Attendees should come away with a greater confidence on how to speak to the various topics this includes with members of our own families, other Christians who have a different view, with friends and neighbors who see no danger with the rapidly changing sexual mores that are becoming more and more acceptable in our society. This is a free conference that includes lunch and some great time of learning and fellowship in God’s Truth.


Meals on Wheels

July is just around the corner and it will be our turn to deliver Meals on Wheels to the home bound.

Please give of your time and sign up for a week to deliver meals. There is a sign up sheet in the upper narthex.

VBS 2018 – “Splash Canyon”

Will be held Monday to Thursday evenings, June 24-28 beginning each evening at 6:00 p.m. and going until 8:30 p.m. A light supper will begin each night at 5:15 p.m. (these are arranged and hosted by various groups of the congregation).

Our kick-off begins on Riverfest Weekend with our VBS float in the parade. If you would like to help with this project we will be constructing it the first week of June (June 5th through the end of the week) so that it is ready for the parade. We need adults and young people to hand out flyers with information about our VBS as well as candy for the kids.


We would like to thank everyone who helped pack Medical Supplies (from hospital) for the Orphan Grain train.

We packed 42 boxes that will be taken to Fairmont OGT outlet.  Along with this the   quilters have made over 80 quilts this past year for OGT plus another 15 to be given to graduates and other people in need.

We will resume making quilts the first part of October or in there sometime.  Watch for more info in bulletin and newsletter. If anyone would like to join us you are always welcome.  You DO NOT have to know how to quilt to join us.  All are   WELCOME.  Thank you all again for your help.

ALSO:  we have been given 100’s of pre-cut squares that need to be sewn together.  Anyone who would like to help with this project please call Joyce Oltmans 831-1429.  Please leave a message an I will get back to you.

Save the Dates

  • June 24 thru June 28 VBS         “Splash Canyon”
  • July 15 thru July 18 Youth Trip to Heartwood
  • August 11 Rural Ministries at       Immanuel Lakefield
  • September 9th Rally Day &       LWML BBQ & Ice Cream Social
  • October 6th Vine & Branches here at LCOOS

You are Invited

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Alpha, MN, (Kimball Township) is celebrating their 125th Anniversary on Sunday July 1, 2018 at a 10:00 a.m.

Rev. Mark Grunst, former member of the congregation, will be our guest preacher and Rev. Rick Bremseth will lead the worship   service. A picnic meal and fellowship will     follow. Please RSVP by June 20 to Paula Bargfrede at or 507-847-3629.

Faith in Action Committee

Parish Nurse Program. Need or want your blood pressure   taken, maybe   review your medications or talk about your     medical conditions? If interested, it will be the 2nd Sunday from 10:15 to 10:45 am     in the Sonshine   Preschool room. We will also have an       occasional article in the lamplight so check it out.

Sonshine Preschool Graduation

Sonshine Preschool is accepting registrations for the 2018-19 school year.

We welcome God’s precious preschoolers ages 3-4 two half days per week and ages 4-5 tree half days per week.

Darla Friesen—Teacher

Classes Start: Wednesday September 5th

For registration materials and /or information stop by the church office at 1157 Third Avenue, Windom or call 507-831-3522