Pastor’s July Message:

One Nation Under __________?


When nations rage against God and His Truth how long can they persist and remain without being destroyed from within? Recorded human history has shown us that eventually those nations and peoples that reject God and His perfect will as found in His Word will self-destruct. It may be one generation or many generations that pass, but we have written historical records of many of the greatest empires in human history that no longer exist. We have the very record of God in both the Old and the New Testaments that shows His own people rejecting Him and His perfect Word and will and the consequences of such action.

In our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance we find the phrase that many of us as children recited each morning as the school day began, “one nation, under God, indivisible…” Many of you know that the “under God” of the pledge was actually not in the original, but was signed into law on Flag Day, June 14, 1954 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The original author of the first Pledge, Francis Bellamy, son of a Baptist minister, did not include these words as he introduced this pledge to the world in a popular publication he was associated with “The Youth’s Companion” in 1892.

There have been recent efforts by both individuals and organizations in this country to remove these two words “under God.” They argue that it is not inclusive of all citizens of this nation. Atheists of course deny that there is a God, and so this phrase does not fit into their belief system. Some rail against it, using the argument that such a statement crosses the line of separation between Church and State. The simple questions I ask concerning this phrase is, “at this moment in time are we a nation under God? Right now, are we a nation that is indivisible?” You may agree with me and state that our nation is no longer following God’s good, in fact, His perfect ways. Though we might want our nation to be “under God” the reality is that we are a nation that is rapidly leaving God and His Word and ways behind.

How would you fill in the blank in the title of this article with a word or words that describe where we are as a nation today? If we would be honest with what we see transpiring in our nation right now in these days we might fill in this blank with the word “attack”.  We are a nation under attack by an enemy that will continue to cause divisions among us that we might continue to fight each other in word and deed. We are a nation under attack most clearly from within. We have no foreign armies sending troops to our shores, but there seems to be a great effort to foment a civil war among us to continue to divide us as a nation. The battle we face as a nation right now is more than a political battle of Democrat against Republican. It is more than a religious battle between Christians and all other religions that make up this country. The battle that is being waged is indeed for the soul of this nation and all of the individuals that live in it.

The Knights of Columbus in 1952 and 1953 petitioned the Congress and the President to add these words” under God” to the pledge. But it may have been the preaching of a Presbyterian preacher, Rev. George Docherty that finally pushed the Congress and the President to sign into the law of the land the addition, “under God.” In a sermon he preached as pastor of the historical and prestigious church in Washington D.C., the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Rev. Docherty, with President Eisenhower in attendance on a particular Sunday, preached, “To omit the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance is to omit the definitive factor in the American way of life.” He also said in the same sermon, “An atheistic American is a contradiction in terms…If you deny the Christian ethic, you fall short of the American ideal of life.”  For God to be definitive of our nation He must first be definitive in the lives of the citizens of this nation. And to achieve this the Church (that is all true believers) must place their own individual lives, “under God” that it may show a unity of Truth, God’ Truth, in contrast with the secular truths that are now saturating our daily lives. If our witness in everyday life shows such that we are under our own wisdom, strength, belief system apart from that which is Godly we then add to the divisions that are growing among us as a nation.

The battle that must be waged by all true followers of Christ Jesus is fought in the lives of the people closest to us in our lives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, other friends and family. We must take up the challenge to bring God’s changeless Truth from His Word into our conversations, our words and actions with those we know and love. We must challenge those who are captivated and captured by the dead philosophies of a dying world by beginning and engaging those we know and love (which, in truth, should be all people) in holy conversations with God’s Word, His unchanging Truth as the foundation with Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh at center. We celebrate Independence Day this month remembering as Christ’s disciples that true freedom is found only by faith in Him.


VBS  Helpers Needed…

We are looking for helpers for the VBS summer program. VBS will be held August 15-19 from 5:00-8:00. The program theme this year is “God’s Wonder Lab,   Jesus does the impossible”. Contact Pastor Sajban.

Vacation Bible School…

Will be held August 15-19th. Theme is “God’s Wonder Lab”. Supper 5:15; VBS 6:00-8:30. Please fill out a registration sheet and place in the gold bag provided. Registrations sheets can be found in the upper narthex.

Faith in Action Committee

Thanks to all for the generous donations for our Spring Drive for the Sharing Center. We were able to   purchase the following items to       donate: dried kidney beans, baby   lotion, baby rice cereal, baby bibs, dish soap, a variety of baby foods, bandaids, toilet paper, men’s and women’s deodorant, baby wipes, kleenex, toothpaste, hand soaps,   deodorant soaps, and antiseptic creams.

It is very much appreciated by the Sharing Center! You may continue contributing throughout the year!

Thank you all again,

the Faith in  Action Committee.

Faith in Action-Parish Nurse…

The committee met and discuss the Parish Nurse Program. We would like your input as to whether or not this  program would be useful to the        congregation. Please share your thoughts with      Pastor Sajban, Marilyn Wahl, Larry Salzwedel.

Do you need help with transportation,  yardwork or any other needs? Please call: Larry Salzwedel #831-0008 or Jim Vellema #822-1226


Cottonwood County Sharing Center Food Shelf at this time, has several specific needs:

1) A need for volunteers! Volunteering as little as once a month would be appreciated! Volunteers wear masks, social distance, and hand sanitizers are available.

2) Personal care items, etc. At this time, no regular housewares are able to be accepted. The personal care items include: toothpaste, body wash (smaller sizes), razors or disposable razors for men or women, deodorant, small laundry items (detergent), dryer sheets, kleenex, winter clothing, blankets, towels, and sheets / pillowcases.

3) As most food is mostly donated by Second Harvest to the food shelf, the only food needed right now is refried beans and pinto beans (canned).

4) And monetary donations are always welcome!

Thanks so much everyone for your contributions! If you have questions about a donation not listed, you may call   #507-822-7210.

The cart in the lower narthex entrance will now also be used for donations to the Sharing Center. Items may be placed in the cart or dropped off at the Sharing Center during normal business hours ONLY, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm., 1156 4th Avenue, Windom.

Monetary donation checks make payable to Faith in Action and given to Ruby Wilson, our Committee Treasurer. Also, if you need help around your home, call Larry or Jim.

Thank you for your continued support!

Faith in Action Committee


Hy-Vee Label…

We will be collecting the Hy-Vee receipts from now on instead of the labels. We would like to have the member highlight the Hy-Vee products on the receipt and tally up the number of items on the receipt and write that number on the   bottom of the receipt. The label container that was located by the Sonshine room will be relocated to the lower narthex.


Sonshine Preschool… Is accepting registrations for the 2021-22 school year.

We welcome God’s precious preschoolers ages 3-4 two half days per week and ages 4-5 three half days per week.

Darla Friesen—Teacher

For registration materials and /or information stop by the church office at 1157 Third Avenue, Windom or call 507-831-3522


Helpful Hints:

¨ Line your baking pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil for easy cutting.

        When you are supplying bars for an event, line your pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil first before adding the ingredients. This way when you or the kitchen help cut your bars you/they can take the bars out of the pan and cut them on a cutting board.

¨ This will also save cut marks in your baking pan.

¨ Be sure the parchment paper or foil goes over the side of the pan so you/they have some paper to grab on too.

 If you have a helpful hint, email it to Diane at and we will add it to the next newsletter



* Wipe off counters

* Wipe off tables

* Push chair up to table

* Take extra food home

* If you put something in the refrigerator or freezer put your name on it and date it

* Take dirty towels home and bring them back clean

* Remember this is God’s House


SAVE the Box Tops for Education…

The Immanuel Lutheran School  uses them. Please give them to either  Kayla Peters or Cheryl Peters.