Entering the Year A.D. (Anno Domini – in the year of the LORD) in Christ

As Jesus instructed His disciples especially as it had to do with His eventually return to our world at the end in glory and judgment they asked Him: “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age? He said to them: “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name,   saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many (Matthew 24:3b-5).” As we just finished a year with the theme through Advent and Christmas that     answered the question, “What Child is this?” it is good as we begin a new year to buckle down and make sure that we know the true Christ, the true Jesus, that we are not following a Jesus of our own or the world’s making. I don’t know if you made any resolutions for the New Year of 2019, but let me suggest one that is fairly easy, not too time consuming and that will be a true blessing to you each day of the New Year. As we live in a world where in the other “Christian” (not true) church there are many different Christ’s that are taught, false Christs all of them, it is important that each of us both young and old know the true Christ. Not only will this keep us from confusion, but even more so faith in your   Savior and Lord will be a daily blessing to you and to those around you. God may even give you opportunity to “correct” with love someone who is following one of these false Christs.

Read through the Gospels and pick a Psalm to read each day. How better than through reading God’s holy Word will you learn to know who Jesus is? This is a simple habit to begin and continue each day. After you have read through the Gospels, maybe you will read a chapter or a portion of a chapter each day, begin again and re-read the   Gospels and at least one Psalm each day. As you read the Gospels Jesus Himself will teach you who He is, so that you can distinguish Him from all the false Christs that are being held forward, even by those who are “pastors” or “teachers” in the church. Even more predominant in our post-Christian     culture are the Christs that people follow that are made up from their own imaginations, imaginations that are often fed by the false Christs they are being taught by the culture or even by misguided leaders in their congregations.

As you read the Gospels you may come up against some things you don’t understand. Keep a notebook or journal with you and write down     questions you may have concerning particular   verses in the Gospels. You can bring these       questions to your pastor (that is me) and I will be given an opportunity to do what I have been trained to do, explain the Word of God to one of Jesus’   disciples (you) so that your walk in faith may be a daily blessing to you and to others.

In the vein of this article I direct you to read the information about the new picture in the lower narthex that greets you as you enter the church. It is a print of a painting done by Joann Reed, commissioned by her Lutheran pastor as she lived in Pennsylvania. The painting is a rendition of Jesus’ hands beckoning to you and me and all who enter the sanctuary as Jesus says, “Come unto Me!” He is daily beckoning us into His presence and life that we may receive the gracious gifts He offers and respond in daily faith and worship of Him.

To all I wish a   Jesus’ blessed New Year. Many thanks to all who blessed my family and I with your greetings and gifts. May the Lord lead us truthfully and joyfully into the year 2019.

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Super Bowl Sub Sandwiches….   We will again this year make sub sandwiches for the Super Bowl game February 3, 2019.

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