What Child Is This?

This title of the beloved Christmas hymn/carol poses to each of us a question whose answer we are called to contemplate during this holy season of Advent leading into the celebration of the nativity of our Lord at Christmas. Certainly this question can be answered and is answered by individuals in very personal ways. I never did this myself on the street asking people who Jesus is, but it would be telling in our day what people would answer. I watched a few YouTube videos on the street of people who were asked “Who is Jesus?” Here are some of the answers. In the first video I watched those who were given this question said: “Jesus is “the main guy for Christianity”. Jesus is “just a cool guy.” Several   people answered the question in this way, “I don’t believe in Him.” One young woman said, “I believe He might have been a rock star.” Another, a young man answered with his own question, “What kind of question is that?” and then he answered it, “a good guy.” A woman waxed philosophically over the question and  answered, “Jesus is who you believe yourself to be.” Some gave these personal opinions about the person of Jesus: “A dead man, a man of his time.” Some admitted that he actually lived by saying, “I believe in the historic personage, but…” and “a very important historical     figure.” Only one young lady in the video said, “He is the Savior,” but when pressed on what this means could not express the meaning of this clearly, but began giggling with the friend she had with her. This video appeared on YouTube ten years ago.

I decided to watch a more recent YouTube on the street interview from about a year ago. This video was filmed in the Washington Square Park area of New York City. These were the answers the questioner was given. “Jesus was a normal person.” One boldly said, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior.” A young Muslim woman replied, “Jesus is ‘Issa’ in Arabic.” A young man at first replied with an answer reminiscent of a young Martin Luther: Jesus is “an ominous figure.” But then he went on to explain Jesus as “his closest friend.”

Going from these “man or woman on the street” interviews to a more well-known (to some) public figure here is what the musician Bono, lead man from the   musical group U2, shared with an interviewer about his  faith in Jesus. Bono said “The person of Christ is my way to understand God.” What a wonderful confession! He went on to say in this interview that he and his family read the Scriptures and prayed together. He admitted that they didn’t do this as regularly as he would like, but when they prayed that they prayed together for others who needed God’s care; and they prayed in Jesus’ name. Bono also confessed the strong Christian confession that he believes that Jesus is divine (that He is God), and that He physically rose from the dead. As you read all these answers what does it reveal to you?     Answer this question for yourself. Parents, question your children, young and old, and see what answers they give you. Their answers may be very revealing to you about the health of their faith.

During this holy season we will have ample   opportunity to explore this question through the eyes and hearts of some true Biblical figures. As we hear the answers, such as God revealed to such people as Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, to Mary, the mother of our Lord, to John the Baptist himself, we will be drawn more personally to consider the life-changing answers to this question ourselves. We are given the opportunity to grow more richly in our faith as we come together on Wednesday morning and evening services, being drawn into God’s own revelation through His holy and unchanging Word concerning this “holy Child of Bethlehem.” Our Wednesday services on December 5, 12, and 19 will follow “Daily Prayer at Noon” for our 11:00 a.m. service and “Holden Evening Prayer” for our 6:30 p.m. service. A noon meal will follow the morning service and an evening meal will be provided before our evening service.

God’s revelation of His heart toward us sinners is found as Bono confessed, “in the person of Christ.” To grow in our faith in Him is the greatest endeavor each of us can undertake. We grow together in His Word of life that we may see and trust this holy Child of God for our eternal soul’s sake and for the ordering of our days and our deeds in Jesus’ peace. Lord, draw us into a joyous and properly centered celebration of this holy season, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Advent- Join us as we prepare during the holy season of Advent beginning Sunday, December 2nd. We will meet on Wednesdays :

December 5th “The Child Who Is Zechariah’s Hope”

December 12 “The Child Who Is A Virgin Great Son”

December 19 “Leaping For Joy”

Mornings 11:00 am and at 6:30 pm   for the Evening Service.


Decorate the Church…

We will decorate the church for Advent and Christmas starting on   Friday December 7th,   we will set up the trees   at 5:30 (we will have a lite supper) and finish decorating on Saturday, December 8th at 9:00 am.

Sunday School Christmas Program

Will be held on Sunday December 23rd during our Sunday Worship Service. “What Child Is This”

Christmas Cheer Box…

We along with the Windom Women of Today will have a Christmas Cheer Box. Please help brighten a child’s Christmas and help us collect items to put under their trees for   Christmas morning. We are looking for items for children infant to 18 years old.

Items need: Hat’s, mittens, gloves, board games, color books, color crayons, story books, blankets, stuff animals, toys, and teen gifts.

You can also give monetary gifts, please make checks out to the Christmas Cheer Box.

All items will be picked up by   December 5th. There is a box in the lower narthex to put your items in.


Advent- Join us as we prepare during the holy season of Advent beginning Sunday, December 2nd.

Mornings 11:00 am and at 6:30 pm  for the Evening Service.

We will meet on Wednesdays : December 5th “The Child Who Is Zechariah’s Hope”

December 12 “The Child Who Is A Virgin Great Son”

December 19 “Leaping For Joy”

Evening Meals Provided by:

December 5th Altar Guild

December 12th Youth Group

December 19th Joanna Circle


It is that time of year to start thinking about the Christmas Season. So anyone who enjoys decorating please mark your calendars for   Friday, December 7, 2018 at 5:30 P.M. for tree decorating and enjoy some fun and fellowship. We will have a light supper.


We are taking orders for the poinsettia flowers for Christmas to be used to decorate the chancel area. You can order now thru December 10th. The     flowers are $15.00 per  plant. You can donate monies       towards larger plants for the front of the church. A double plant for $ 30.00. Fill out the form in the   narthex and return it to the church office or put in the offering basket.

Christmas Worship Services

December 23:    Sunday School Christmas Program  9:00 am during worship service

December 24:  5:30 pm Christmas Eve Worship Service 

December 25:  9:00 am Christmas Day Worship Day with Holy Communion

December 31:  5:30pm New Years  Eve Worship Service  with Holy Communion

2018 Annual Reports…

Committees please have your 2018 annual reports into the church office by:  January 7, 2019 You may email your report to Diane at


Meals On Wheels…

December is just around the corner and it will be our turn to deliver “Meals on Wheels” to the home bound. Please give of your time   and sign up for the week you wish   to deliver.

Faith in Action Committee

Parish Nurse Program. Need or want your blood pressure   taken, maybe   review your medications or talk about your     medical conditions? If interested, it will be the 2nd Sunday from 10:15 to 10:45 am     in the Sonshine   Preschool room. We will also have an       occasional article in the lamplight so check it out.